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Question paper of SSC(HM), 12th RLST (17/02/2013) recollected from memory :

Question paper of WBSSC (HM), 12th RLST (17/02/2013) recollected from memory :

Paper-I/Part-A&B : 15+15=30 Marks

1. What is child tracking ? Whose duty is it ?
2. Suppose a secondary school has 20 staff. Make a staff pattern.
3. Suppose a grant of Rs. 30,000/- has been sanctioned for buying dresses of girls students. Write down the next 6 steps to be taken by you.
4. What is the function of a gram panchayet as a self-govt ?
5.Suppose a teacher has been selected in a B. Ed. training college to undergo B. Ed. course. Write a resolution in this regard to pass it on the MC meeting for deputing him.
6.What is the difference between the fundamental rights and the directive principles of state policy ?
7.How does the judiciary protects our constitution ?
8. What is the full form of the Right to Education Act ? Through which constitutional amendment is it introduced ? What is the core idea behind this act ?
9. What is the present rule on maternity leave ?
10. What is the function of the concerned MC in case of mutual transfer ? 
11. Mention 3 items which you will check on the service book of a teacher .
12. Write an application for sanctioning grant to build 2 new rooms for increasing pressure of admitted students.
13.Can a Headmaster grant Medical Leave for 4 days to a teacher ?
14. Can a jailed teacher get special leave for the days in custody after releasing ?
15. What is the significance of 'Republic' in the preamble of our constitution ?

Paper-I/ Part- C :  15 Marks

1. Write an application to the Officer-in-charge of the local police station on a burglary in your school.
2. Change the voice : (i) Clean the garden. (something like this)
                                 (ii) Who has broken this window ?
3. Make corrections : (i) His politics ultra-left.
                                 (ii) He did not appear at the examination due to illness.
                                 (iii) His informations is not true. (something like this)
4. Write a sentence using the group verb 'take on'.


Paper-II (Objective type to be answered in OMR sheet ) :  10 Marks

1. The word 'Taxonomy' related to ---(i) Botany (ii) Zoology etc.
2. The word 'opportune' means ---(i) Fragile etc.
3.'' A thing of beauty is a joy for ever " said by --- (i) Keats (ii) Shelley etc
4. ''An eye for an eye----" said by ----(ii) MK Gandhi (ii) Mandela etc.
5.Which constitutional amendment incorporated the Fundamental Duties --(ii) 78th (ii) 42nd etc.
6.Which constitutional amendment includes the Right to Education Act ?-----(i)64th (ii) 78th etc.
7.Which commission gave stress on co-education --(i) Kothari (ii)Radhakrishnan etc.
8.Who wrote the book ''Changing the World"(something like this)----(i)Mandella etc
9. The father is 10 years older than the son at present. After 10 years the father will be of 3 times of the son. What is the present age of the son ?
10. On selling a product at Rs. 996/- a shopkeeper gets a loss of 4%. What is the purchase cost of the product ?
11.Malala belongs to ---(i) Pakistan (ii) Afganistan etc.
12. Pranab Mukherjee is the president of India --(i) 13th (ii) 12th etc.
13. Lesly Claudius is related to ----(i) Hockey (ii) Cricket etc.
14.The full form of RAT is ---
15. Samudragupta was succeeded by ----
16. Who set up the permanent settlement in Bangladesh ----(i) Lord Cornwalis (ii) Lord Dalhousi etc.
17.From which year the board of secondary education comes into force --------
18.Chandal Dynasty is related to ---(i) Khajuraho (ii) Ajanta etc.
19. Could not remember.
20.Could not remember.

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