Monday, August 26, 2013

Letter to Brother/Sister Advising to Read English Newspaper Daily

Q. Suppose your brother lives in a boarding school and reads nothing beyond his school books. Write a letter to him advising him to read an English newspaper daily. (10 Marks)
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My dear (brother’ name),
I am glad to learn that you have scored high marks in the last exam. It is true that class books are necessary for good results, but you also need to read a newspaper regularly.
Nowadays you can’t keep pace with the outer world if you don’t read a newspaper on a regular basis. It gives you an all-round knowledge on variety of topics. It gives information on current events, sports, career options, job opportunities, etc. A man who does not read newspaper remains ignorant of the outer world like a frog in a narrow well. He cannot take part in talks and discussions in a learned society. Most of all, an English newspaper will increase your vocabulary and the power of comprehension which are vital to follow your English syllabus. It will help you to acquire skill in English.
So, develop the habit of reading an English newspaper daily. It will help you in the long run. (158 words)
        With love and best wishes,
Yours affectionately,
(own name)
[Friend’s address]