Monday, August 26, 2013

A Letter to a Friend Describing Your Aim in Life

Q. Write a letter within 120 words, describing your aim in life / your plan of future study / your choice of profession in future. (10 Marks)
Own address
& Date
My dear (Friend’s name),
            I have received your sweet letter. You have wanted to know about my aim in life / my plan of future study / my choice of profession in future. Well, I am trying my best to give a brief description of the same.
            Man lives in hopes. So do I with an aim of my own. My aim is to go in for education line. I have decided to be a school teacher. Perhaps you will wonder, considering the wretched condition of school teachers in our state. But I feel, it is the noblest profession. My father was a respected Headmaster. His inspiring life has taught me that nothing can be more valuable than to shape up the character of the future citizens of the country in the tenderest age of their lives. My ambition is to play my part humbly in this important work. I am confident of my ability to inspire the green minds. I love and respect this noble task.
            Please let me know about your aim of life. No more today. Hope, this finds you quite well. I am OK and hope you are also so. Please accept my sincere love and convey my best regards to your parents. (190 words)
Yours ever,
(Own name)
[Friend’s address]

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