Thursday, September 05, 2013

TEST 2/a: Class XII, English B, WBCHSE

[Only on prose, textual grammar and personal letter]

Time: 1 hr 10 min                      Sub: English                       F.M.: 35
1.     Complete each of the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answer from the alternatives given :  1x4=4
i)       Mokameh Ghat is situated on the bank of the - a) Ganges b) Sarayu c) Narmada.
ii)     Rajam asked Swaminathan for a - a) pen b) pencil c) pencil sharpener.
iii)   Dr. Follicle received the Cap. D. degree from - a) Paris b) Harvard c) London.
iv)   The word ‘per-capita’ means - a) per-man b) per-head c) per-woman.

2.       Answer any two of the questions which follow (each in about 30 words):  3x2=6
i)“...the real business of the day started...”—What was the real business of the day ? Why is the    business called the real business ?
ii)“Swaminathan’s services were dispensed with.” – How were Swaminathan’s services dispensed with ?
iii)Why did Dr. Follicle suggest that his patient should engage a professional man for the work ‘about and around the ears’ ?

3.       Answer any one of the questions that follow (in about 50 words): 5x1=5
(i)“One of my first undertakings, when I had ...” – What was the undertaking referred to ? How was it materialised ?
(ii)How did Rajam appear to be a new menace in Mani’s life ?
(iii)“And when the patient had passed through all the successive stages of the high-class expert work.” – Record the successive stages through which the patient had passed.

4. A)Rewrite the following sentences as directed, without changing their meaning: 2x4=8
(i)“Have you the courage to prove that you are a man?” asked Mani. (Change the narration)
(ii)Dr. Follicle is recognized as one of the greatest capillary experts. (Change the voice)
(iii)The people whose lives are impoverished and shattered in this way are often among the poorest in the society. (Split into two sentences)
(iv)The poor of India have no enmity against each other. (Begin: There is no …)

B) Frame a question with each of the following wh-words in such a way that the answer matches the given content: 1x2=2
i)The expert spoke firmly. He told the patient that he needed a shave. (How)
ii)Swaminathan’s services were dispensed with. (Whose)

5. Write a letter within 120 words to your friend, describing your aim in life .  10