Friday, October 25, 2013

Summary Writing (No.4) for Class-XII, WBCHSE

Write a summary in about 100 words of the passage given below:   10

            As daylight can be seen through very small holes, so little things will illustrate a person’s character. Indeed character consists in little acts, well and honourably performed in our daily life. One of the marked tests of character is the manner in which we conduct ourselves towards others. A graceful behaviour towards superiors, inferiors and equals is a constant source of pleasure. It pleases others because it indicates respect for their personality; but it gives tenfold pleasure to ourselves. Every man may, to a great extent, be a self-educator in good behaviour, as in everything else. He can be civil and kind, if he wills, though he may not have a penny in his purse. Even a kind look will give pleasure and confer happiness. Gentleness in society is like a silent influence of light which gives colour to all nature. It is more powerful than the application of force and more fruitful than that. (About 156 words)

Answer:   Little acts of a man show his character. So he should exercise good manners towards others. His graceful behaviour gives constant pleasure to everyone, including himself. Polite behaviour costs nothing, but its influence is great. It bears a powerful impact on society. It is more powerful and fruitful than the application of force. (About 53 words)